Currently, we have four different types of monitoring devices available: Blood Pressure Cuff, Weight Scale, Glucose Meter, and Oximeter. The remote patient monitoring devices we use are ready the moment they arrive at the patient’s location and offer a more user-friendly approach than many of our competitors.

  • Our devices are cellular enabled / connected and use a SIM card (just like a cellular phone).
  • Bluetooth pairing or additional set-up is not required in order to use the device.
  • There is no separate app to download or website to access in order to use the device.
  • Many of our patients are being monitored for chronic conditions and, thus, are familiar with the devices they are being asked to use in order to take their measurements.

What if something goes wrong? No need to worry! Leave it to us.

Even with us shipping tens of thousands of devices, we see a very low failure rate. However, it can happen. Our patient care team is constantly monitoring the device and the patient’s activity. They will reach out to them, personally, whether it is to confirm they are taking their measurements or if they are having trouble with the device.

This personalized touch helps to maximize patient care and is not possible with other fully automated systems.

B.Y.O.D. (Bring Your Own Device)

While we are confident in the simplicity and ease of use offered by our remote patient monitoring devices, we understand that some may feel more at ease using their preferred device and/or manufacturer. Our secure device API (application programming interface) is both safe and flexible. We are able to integrate a new device into our ecosystem in very little time.

How the integration works
You Mail Your Device

You Mail Your Device

Rather than us mailing the device to you, you will need to mail it to us. That will allow us to evaluate it and ensure it is in good working order and will effectively provide the needed measurements.

We connect it to our API

We connect it to our API

Once we receive your device, we will integrate it into our monitoring environment by connecting it to our API (application programming interface). This will allow your device to seamlessly communicate with our monitoring system.

Data Collection

Data Collection

Once the device is connected, we will return it to you so that monitoring can begin! From that point, we will start our data collection and the Remote Patient Monitoring process will continue as it would with one of our own devices.

Did you know?

Medek RPM not only supplies you with everything you need to have a successful program, but we can also do the billing for you.

Medek RPM Devices


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