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Why Medek RPM Devices Stand Out from the Competition

It’s not easy to meet both your patients’ needs and your practice’s needs. But one way to do it is by using a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program for patients with chronic conditions. This program helps patients manage their health remotely and offers many benefits. To make this program work well, it’s important to provide patients with good-quality RPM devices. Poor-quality devices can cause problems for patients and staff, and may even end up costing your practice more in the long run.

Why Medek RPM Devices Stand Out from the Competition

Let’s face it; the less burdensome the RPM process is for your patient, the higher the chances of continual use, engagement, and successful outcomes. For easier implementation and ongoing patient commitment, consider how Medek RPM devices stand out from the competition:

Devices are Cellular Enabled

All of Medek RPM devices are cellular enabled, meaning they gather and transmit your patient’s health information over the same networks as smartphones. Our RPM devices use a SIM card, just like cell phones, and they arrive at your patient’s door already connected.

Cellular technology has been around long enough that even older patients are familiar and somewhat comfortable with it. In addition, since cellular networks are increasingly reliable, patients are able to transmit information from practically anywhere, making the process as convenient as possible.

No Need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

With our cellular-enabled devices, there is no need for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. No internet connection is required, and the devices can work wherever your patient is, even outside their home.

Competitors often provide patients with Bluetooth devices, and these can be overly challenging for patients as they require regular updates and pairing, which can complicate the process. This results in lower usage and less medical data.

No App to Download

Medek RPM makes sure that our devices are as simple to use as possible, requiring no extra steps, such as downloading an app, to get started.

Some of the other service providers only offer Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices, which brings with them the additional challenge of having to download an app or navigate to a specific website on a smartphone for use. These required steps can be troublesome, especially for your older patients, and may cause them to give up before even seeing the value that RPM can provide.

Ready to Go Out of the Box

An added benefit of Medek RPM devices is that they are ready to go out of the box. Your patient with a chronic condition will not need to set anything up, but will be ready to start monitoring their health immediately. In addition, our professional staff will provide onboarding to ensure your Medicare patient understands how the device transmits their health information safely and adequately.

Bluetooth devices, on the other hand, will require an extensive set-up by the patient, requiring a potentially frustrating pairing process with a smartphone and the need for an ongoing connection. Older patients, in particular, can often become deterred at this stage and give up.

Common Problems Patients Experience with Competitor RPM Devices

Our competitors often experience problems with their older patients (65+) attempting to connect their Bluetooth devices, and this is having an impact on health outcomes and RPM success rates. Many of these problems result from the following:

  • Unreliable WIFI connections, especially in more rural areas
  • Failing to own a smartphone which is required for Bluetooth devices
  • Inexperience or lack of familiarity with using WIFI
  • Struggles with downloading and learning to use an app on a smartphone
  • Aversion or fear of newer technologies, even tech anxiety
  • Vision issues and dexterity problems, causing difficulty with setting up and navigating on a Bluetooth device
  • Inability to comprehend the steps necessary to transmit health information through an app or website

For practices consisting of older patients, many of which are on Medicare, Medek RPM’s cellular enabled devices are a better option, providing simplicity and ease of use, which increase the chances of continued participation and successful health outcomes.

Choose the Best RPM Devices for Your Patients. Choose Medek RPM.

When designing our RPM services for chronically ill patients, Medek Health chose to provide the best possible devices to ensure success. Since many of the patients that will benefit from remote patient monitoring are older, we focus on providing cellular-enabled devices that are easy to use from day one.

Ready to find out more about how our devices can benefit your patients? Request a demo today.

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