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Maximized CPT® Code Compliance with Medek RPM and Cellular RPM Devices

RPM, remote patient monitoring, is becoming ever more present in the healthcare industry. It is able to provide an additional level of patient care, thus yielding improved clinical results. On top of that, Medicare has rolled out CPT® Codes for RPM, allowing for practices who provide it to receive Medicare reimbursements. Having reliable devices to make the reimbursements achievable is one part of the equation, and having consistent readings is another. The result of this equation is getting the reimbursements you’ve earned and delivering improved clinical results to your patients. 


The Advantages of Cellular-Enabled Devices

Cellular-enabled devices are quickly becoming standard practice in the world of RPM. There are a lot of advantages that such devices provide that bluetooth enabled devices, or those who rely on wifi, simply cannot. Cellular enabled devices connect directly to regular 4g or 5g networks, usually agnostically, and send measurement data directly to the platform where reviews will take place. Because of that, they are extremely advantageous for those who are not technologically inclined. Such devices don't require external connections like mobile applications. And the continuous monitoring that they afford makes complying with CPT® Codes even easier. 


CPT Code Compliance

For some CPT® Codes, like CPT® Codes 99454, 99457, and 99848, compliance is measured in terms of regular reviews and time spent on such reviews. Cellular enabled devices and their continuous connection allow for the reimbursement of CPT® Codes that require time spent on reviews.

Summarizing: The more patients take their regular readings, the more reviews can take place. The more reviews, the higher the compliance with CPT® Codes. The higher the compliance with CPT® Codes, the bigger the reimbursement. A clearer picture of your patients’ health and more reimbursements to you. Cellular enabled devices make a world of difference. 


Medek RPM: Highest CPT® Code Compliance in the Industry

Medek RPM uses cellular enabled devices, and all data is sent directly to our state-of-the-art platform. But having the devices is not enough. The Medek Review Team is composed of RNs and above and is able to perform patient reviews at all times. If a patient makes a measurement, we'll have the data whether it's nighttime, weekend, or holiday. Additionally, we also perform AI analysis with Nurse Aimy, our own smart nurse, maximizing review potential by catching things humans may not. 

The result of all that is a whopping 97% compliance with CPT® Code 99457, which covers the first 20 minutes of patient review in a calendar month. 95% for the first block of CPT® Code 99458, which covers an additional 20 minutes of monthly reviews, and 45% for the second blog, covering further additional 20 minutes of review per month. 

There’s a potential for up to 60 minutes of patient reviews per month. That amounts to one office visit that you will be paid for but won’t have to make room in your schedule or even talk to the patient directly.

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How do I know I will get reimbursed?

How do I know I will get reimbursed?

Historically, our customers receive 97-98% of their expected reimbursements when they opt to use the MPN Billing Services.