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Innovating RPM: Medek RPM Review Queue

By Matt Furnari 

Medek’s Remote Patient Monitoring Review Queue is deceptively simple looking. It’s designed that way to make it super easy to provide amazing care.

The review queue is a list of patient readings and alerts that need to be reviewed and potentially addressed. This is the core of the remote patient monitoring philosophy: allowing patients to take their readings at home so that a remote clinician can review the data.

It’s a deceptively simple idea. Our competitors often dump thousands of data points on you in the name of “compliance.” But we go beyond with an incredibly well-thought-out and detailed approach. The Medek Remote Patient Monitoring Review Queue provides the simplest way to review patient readings and alerts. There’s no searching through reports or spreadsheets for anything, it’s all automatic.

New readings appear on the top of the queue as patients take their readings. Forgotten readings also show up in the queue. Select a reading or alert, review it, take notes or actions, and then go on to the next. This is a simple idea, but the queue has features to simplify life. Some patients like to measure their blood pressure ten times a day. Great! We automatically roll those up into a single reviewable item. 

Some patients forget to take their readings for a few days at a time. Each missed reading day corresponds with a recorded alert. This could easily overwhelm a reviewer. But our system consolidates and replaces alerts intelligently, so you’re never overwhelmed. 

But we take things a little further and let our artificial intelligence prioritize the patients in readings that need attention first. Don’t you just put the readings with the most out-of-bounds values on the top? No.

We use advanced artificial intelligence to go further than this. A patient who consistently has high blood pressure is definitely a problem, but a patient who suddenly shows a spike in blood pressure indicates an abnormality that needs attention now. Our Artificial Intelligence looks at not just the magnitude of the readings but the direction, the rate of change, and other factors.

The review queue is part of a larger system. It’s possible to set up real-time alerts for patients that have abnormal readings. It’s also possible to set up critical alerts for readings that exceed some critical threshold.

While I’m extremely proud of the simplicity and functionality, we bring to our software, I can’t forget the human element. Our clinical reviewers are always ready to step in and help with critical readings or daily reviews. We use the same tools internally that we provide to our customers.

Our core belief at Medek RPM is that software and technology can make life easier, but only if it’s extremely well-designed and based on real-world feedback. After millions of reviews, I can confidently say that the Medek Remote Patient Monitoring Review Queue is the best in the market. Experience the best RPM program in the market. – Try Medek RPM today!

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