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My Doctor has Recommended Connected Care. What Does That Mean?

Recently, you were at your doctor’s office, and they mentioned something called Connected Care. They said they would like you to be a part of a program that monitors your vitals at home. They may have also used a phrase called Remote Patient Monitoring. Your head seems to swim a bit. Not to worry. We have all the information you need to understand the program, why your doctor chose you, and the difference it can make in your health. 

My doctor has recommended Connected Care (RPM). What does that mean?

Connected Care, also called Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), is a program that helps doctors who are currently treating patients with chronic health conditions to receive their patients’ vital information regularly. Previously, a doctor may only have data from the tests run during an annual or semi-annual visit to make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan. However, Connected Care provides physicians with exponentially more information by sending vital data to the doctor, even though the patient is at home.

Why was I selected for Connected Care (RPM)? 

Simply put, they selected you for Connected Care because you have a chronic illness diagnosis. Your physician feels that having more information and monitoring your condition regularly will help them make more robust, more informed decisions regarding your care and treatment plan. 

How does Connected Care (RPM) work? 

Once you are selected for Connected Care, in a  HIPAA compliant and encrypted process, your doctor will share your information with Medek Health. Then, we will ship the necessary device or devices to your home. Meanwhile, you will be connected to your Care Coordinator, who will go over the process with you – including how to take your measurements and how often you need to do so. 

Upon arrival, you will activate your device, you can contact a Medek professional to assist you. Then you take the measurements right from the comfort of your own home. Healthcare professionals will monitor the information for any outliers or areas of concern. If anything of concern is detected, they will make your doctor aware so that they can make any treatment changes (if necessary). 

Is the Connected Care (RPM) process secure? 

Absolutely! Every step of the Connected Care process is HIPPA compliant and encrypted. None of your information is ever stored, and it is simply monitored for any potential areas of concern by licensed medical professionals. None of the technology captures anything other than what it is intended for (i.e., a blood pressure monitor will only record your blood pressure readings).

What are the benefits of Connected Care (RPM)?

There are several benefits to Connected Care. Connected Care provides your doctor far more information about your health and condition than the occasional doctor appointment, blood test, and vitals collected in a “White Coat Syndrome” scenario. That‌ allows your doctor to make more informed decisions about the care and treatment of your chronic condition. In the age of COVID-19, Connected Care will enable you to remain under the supervision of your physician without jeopardizing your safety with an office visit. Your physician can collect information that was done remotely (from your home). Ultimately, Connected Care provides you with the best care with the least amount of hassle – an actual win-win situation. 

Constant care from the comfort of your own home. 

Although the term Connected Care may seem a bit intimidating at first, why not think of it as “constant care” – ‌constant care from the comfort of your own home. By simply receiving the device or devices and recording your measurements as directed, you will be under the watchful eye of licensed medical professionals – all without leaving home. When your condition is ongoing, your care should be as well. Connected Care is the answer!

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