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A.I. (artificial intelligence for medical consultation telemedicine ) Won’t Replace Doctors

A.I.(artificial intelligence for medical consultation, telemedicine ) Won’t Replace Doctors*,
But Will Doctors* That Don’t Embrace A.I. Replace be Replaced By Those Who Do?

This interesting subject (artificial intelligence for medical consultation, telemedicine ) will be part of a presentation the Dr. Chaitanya Dahagam, from IBM Watson Health, will be speaking on at this year’s telemedicine conference in Washington DC this June. He will be joined by a panel that will explore predictive algorithms.

For those who are seeking to treat patients as efficiently, in both time and cost, as possible, the question of A.I. (artificial intelligence for medical consultation telemedicine) and its uses is believed to be part of the solution. While some are apprehensive about medical situations and diagnoses being reduced into formulas that a machine can analyze, there is a growing segment within the medical industry that believe A.I. can supplement, even if they doubt it can replace doctors*.

“This could be a significant shift in healthcare,” stated a researching doctor* at Johns Hopkins who asked to remain anonymous. “Who would have thought that doctors* would be treating ailments and maladies through phone apps. But that is the new thing now. What is the next new thing in medicine? A.I ( Artificial intelligence ).?”

There are major issues on the software development side that may delay the question of A.I. for a couple of years. But the non-technical questions pose a greater unknown. Can an A.I. be sued for malpractice? Who is liable for the computers diagnosis? Will payments to Healthcare Providers be reduced because of a belief that the A.I. does half of the work? And what of government regulations? Are problems with an A.I. (artificial intelligence for medical consultation telemedicine) a technical problem or a healthcare problem?
Dr. Dahagam has worked at the IBM Watson Health Ecosystem division for several years as the Business Development Executive. He is considered a leader in this emerging field of medicine and A.I. He is on record to offer all sides of the discussion, however, as an employee of IBM, he is certainly at the conference to advance the possibilities of A.I.(artificial intelligence for medical consultation telemedicine) in medicine.

What does this mean for the recent field of telemedicine? If Doctor* Office visits can be replaced with phone visits because treatments for common ailments is very standard, then will we even need a Healthcare Provider to write the prescription on these standard ailments or can an A.I. do it?

As Medek continues to grow in the telemedicine space, we will continue to share new and emerging trends with our members. One area where Medek has continued to grow is in the area of Remote Patient Monitoring. Medek RPM is one of the fastest growing companies in this area that benefits both patients and practices. Begin a conversation with a Medek Representative today. 

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